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Documentation for @cosmotech/ui components

Documentation for the UI components of Cosmo Tech Azure Sample Webapp. This project documents and shows how to use the components.

We use docz to build our documentation.

Build & host documentation locally

Start with yarn install to install all dependencies requried to build the documentation. Then, you can use yarn docz:dev to build the documentation and serve it locally at http://localhost:3000/ (default).

Build Documentation

yarn docz:build will generate a static site for your site in .docz/dist/.

You can try it out with yarn docz:serve or by serving the generated site with your favorite static file server (e.g. npx serve .docz/dist). Be careful if you have specified a base config in your doczrc.js it's not used in yarn docz:serve By default the base config is specified for automatic deployment on our Github pages.

You can have yarn docz:build emit to a different directory by providing a path to the dest field in your doczrc.js or from the command line : yarn docz:build --dest docs-site-directory.

Deploy Documentation

The output of docz consists of static assets only. This allows you to deploy your generated docz site with any static site hosting provider you'd like.

Start by building your site with yarn docz:build, if you haven't provided a dest flag to your config then you will find your generated files in .docz/dist to copy to the server.

Clean docz dependencies

To remove docz build and clear dependencies, run yarn docz:clean